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Project planning with complete activity sequencing is about having a dashboard for early warning of risks and problems that provides the PM the ability to execute proactive management corrective action.  There is value to project planning and an important part of the project management plan.

This is not an easy task if your team does not see value to it and if they see it as a means to reveal weakness.  One of the duties of project managers is to educate every project team they work with on the value of the project plan.  You will face questions or you will be challenged when sometimes you report the status of the project based on this and the team will say you are wrong.  I always say that my report from the project plan comes from their progress report input.  The data the team provides give the picture of where the project is and you will be able to accurately say where the project stands minus the guessing.



The community of project management is currently teeming with “practitioners”, consultants, PMI volunteers and onlookers.  You have heard numerous times managers speak about using project management as a tool to help them achieve their goals.   However, one would wonder why different organizations continue to have different interpretations of what project management is.

Some organizations give a title of a project manager to a staff and use him/her as a procurement agent.  Some organizations expect the project manager to be an admin assistant to someone higher doing clerical work.  Some organizations will expect their project managers to simply agree with their superiors and not say no even when they don’t agree.  Otherwise, they are looking at walking out the door sometime soon.

What is really causing this trend?  Is it the lack of understanding by many organizations?  Is it due to fear of losing control that management is not willing to really use the project managers as they should be?  The project management community should probably address this and find out how we can get better in the practice of project management.  We have always promoted the best practices but when we hit the ground running, we almost always forget the correct way of executing the work of a project management professional.

I would ask the community and may be PMI to champion the cause of project managers and continue to help elevate them as strategic resource in any organization.

I would welcome all your comments.