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Five Insightful Project Management Lessons from Science Fiction

Five Insightful Project Management Lessons from Science Fiction

This post is a republish of an article written by Carol Pinchefsky.  It mostly talks about leadership qualities that you would expect to see in project managers specially on listening to ideas.



“There is no labor a person does that is undignified, if they do it right”-Bill Cosby Jr.  

I love this set of words because it speaks truly of us project management professionals.  It should be the basis of our integrity as practitioners.  Many times, project managers are forced into unrealistic goals that he knows immediately that this will be a challenging assignment.  Why do we take this?  Why do not question such goals knowing that we may be able to meet a schedule constraint but will be delivering a sub-standard product. I have also wondered on how management thinking works.  They celebrate a project delivered on the time the told their own management not thinking that the project really did not complete because the team is stuck fixing the defects of the product after it got deployed in production.

The sad part is that this is compounded by the belief that now the project is over, they can assign other projects to the team.  I cannot help but make an analogy to basic financial management.  If you are earning $100 a month and spends $120 a month and you continue this cycle.  The deficit compounds every month.  This is the same problem many projects and products experiences. 

I guess the question for us project management practitioners is “What are we willing to risk to do our jobs right?”