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Understanding Governance

Project management is usually tied to complying to corporate and IT governance. I think this article has clearly given us a high-level picture on what is involved in understanding the value of governance.

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My last post looked at developing a grounded definition for the governance of PPP based on established definitions for corporate governance (see: Defining Governance – What the Words Mean) .  This post looks at how the definition can be put into practice to govern an organisation doing projects and programs.

An organisation is governed by its ‘governing body’ which, depending on the nature of the organisation, may be an individual, a small group, a committee or a formally constituted board of directors.  Whilst this statement may seem obvious, it is vitally important! The governing bodies job is to represent the interests of the organisation’s owners and to appoint, direct and oversight the organisation’s management (see more on organisational governance).

Within the organisation, the workers are appointed, directed and overseen by management, management is appointed, directed and overseen by the executive and the executive is appointed, directed and overseen…

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ITIL Service Management: ITIL Continual Service Improvement

ITIL Service Management: ITIL Continual Service Improvement.

This article is worth checking out.  It is not new but it relates to what project management should be doing as well.