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#DevOps – defining Devops – it’s a Recipe not a Blueprint

Now this is a good short take on DevOps. It indeed a recipe.


There have been some great posts recently regarding the difficulting in defining DevOps e.g and following on from that

My view is that some of the confusion, and the multiplicity of opinions about what DevOps is, comes about because people are using the wrong cognitive frame when looking at DevOps, and maybe a bit of re-framing is in order.

Firstly, a bit of background. In The Blind Watchmaker (1986, pp. 295-296) Richard Dawkins explains that DNA is like a recipe, not a blueprint. You can’t take a slice of cake and then pull up the “cake engineering blueprint” and point to the section that specifies that part of the cake (as opposed to comparing a car or plane part to a blueprint, for example). You have a recipe… but there isn’t a one-to-one correspondence between the recipe and the cake.

“A recipe in a cookery book is not…

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