Cloud migration and transformation is a topic that has been in the minds of many IT shops but were unsure how to move forward.  Many data centers are probably thinking, I will just move my application from my server and run it in a virtual machine in AWS, IBM Softwlayer, Google Compute, or Microsoft Azure.  However, the movement to the cloud computing space is not as easy as you might think.  I wrote papers on cloud adoption strategy and my consumers saw it as a simple exercise and not different than what we have in the data center or computer room.    I pretty much said we need to be focused, methodical and disciplined in migrating to a cloud computing environment.  It is really interesting to mention that Netflix has led the industry in this space after it became a leading streaming video service provider.  The Netflix blog told its story and a piece of its cloud migration journey.

There are some lessons learned from this journey and I will be quoting what @Noel Wurst of Cloud Zone wrote in his article.  They are as follows:

  1. This is not a sprint.  It is a marathon.  You will not to migrate all of your business or mission-critical applications to the cloud in a single year.
  2. You need to think through your current architecture and re-design the architecture your technology and processes.  Moving to the cloud is more than just moving the application,  processes and financial models need to change.
  3. Garbage in-Garbage out.  This is not only applicable to data but to applications and processes as well.  Moving applications in a lift and drop mode to the cloud moves all of the existing problems along with them.  I actually told a former colleague while talking to them about DevOps and automation that we don’t just automate things.  We have to think through all the elements involve because if we don’t, we are just automating our existing problems.

Moreover, I have heard of this comment before, “We are not Netflix”.  Yes, that is true but you can use the good practices learned from those experiences to execute your own cloud migration and transformation initiative.


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