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There has been an increase in the interest and implementation of IT service management recently.  This created a need for organizations to start creating ITIL-related functions and roles using existing IT staff.  The challenge is how an organization would get an individual to perform functions in several IT service management roles.  Below are some of the roles you will have to have in an IT service management based organization:

1.  Business Relationship Manager

2.  Service Level Manager

3.  Risk Manager

4.  Service Continuity Manager

5.  Capacity Manager

6.  Availability Manager

7.  Problem Manager

8.  Service Asset and Configuration Manager

9.  Knowledge Manager

10.  Configuration Manager

11.  Incident Manager

12.  Service Desk Manager

13.  Test Manager

14.  Release Manager

15.  Service Owner

16.  Process Owner

Some ITIL roles do have the opportunity to be performed by a a person.  Here some ideas:

1.  A staff can perform the roles of a Business Relationship Manager and Service Level Manager in the Service Strategy phase.

2.  A staff can perform the roles of an Availability Manager and Capacity Manager in the Service Design phase and be the Problem Manager in the Service Operation.  

3.  A staff can perform the roles of the Risk Manager and Service Continuity Manager in the Service Design phase.

4.  A staff can perform the Service Desk Manager and Incident Manager roles in the Service Operation phase. 

5.  A staff can perform the roles of a Knowledge Manager and a Configuration Manager in the Service Transition phase.

Why I am writing about ITIL in a project management blog anyway.  If you would look at the ITIL lifecycle you have the following:

1.  Service Strategy

2.  Service Design

3.  Service Transition

4.  Service Operation

5.  Continual Service Improvement

Now let’s take a look at the PMBOK project management lifecycle.

1.  Initiating

2.  Planning

3.  Executing

4.  Monitoring and Controlling

5.  Closing

When you are doing an ITIL project you will need to use the project management skills you have and apply the principle of the project lifecycle in an ITIL project.  I know it is bit confusing at first but you will eventually see that the project management framework is a compensating framework to the ITIL framework.

For a full article on combining ITIL roles, please click here.