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When I started as a project management practitioner, I entered the practice with tools already available to track project performance.  However, the role does not end with the tool.  I have seen as I continue to interact with project management professionals that there is a big gap in the understanding and what the principles really are about.  

I have seen project managers who claim to be experienced but does not know how to use the modern tracking tools available such as Primavera, MS Project and the likes.  I have also seen project managers say I don’t want to use PPM products because they are difficult to use.  When I first entered the practice of project management, I told myself I need to learn how to use these tools to be effective.  Imagine a PM using a spreadsheet using it as a checklist reference and a PM that uses MS project.  Which one would you think would be able to better advise the stakeholders of a project’s performance particularly in its schedule performance?  

Here is another picture.  Imagine a project manager who is given the role of making sure the project is delivered where he would be the leadership’s consultant as far as achieving the goals are concerned.  He is not only responsible for making sure the tasks are done but he is also responsible for making sure that the project continues to align with the corporate goal helping deliver business value and drive results.  Doesn’t this increase your value as a project manager?  I would encourage that you read the article written by George Konstantopoulus related to this blog.